Training Log: 4/10/11

Photo credit: Gym Jones
Team Workout

Run 1 mile carrying a fat bar (100/60): every 400 meters each person does 5 clean and jerks
250 chest-to-bar pull-ups
250 KB swings (70/53)
250 fat bar overhead squats (60)
250 sit-ups
250 push-ups

Only two people can do the work at a time.

This was another one of Tom's painstorms. And just as it was two weeks ago, the run in the beginning was the worst part. This time we started with carrying a bar weighing about 100 lbs and another weighing about 60 lbs on our shoulders. The run started with five people (myself, Tom, Dan, TJ and Jay) so one person got a break from the bar. A bar banging around on your shoulder as your run is not pleasant and initially my calves were what hurt the most. By the time we got to the 800 meter mark, my lower back was screaming. When we got back into the gym, Kerry, Colleen and Meg joined in on the fun which made the division of reps much easier and faster. By far, the worst part of this WOD was carrying the barbell in the beginning. The hills around the one mile loop that we run on don't make it any easier.

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