Training Log: 4/12/11

Looking good, Spider-man. Keep it up.
Press 5×5 (progressive loading)

3 minutes of max Burpees
3 minutes of max Sit-ups
2 minutes of max Burpees
2 minutes of max Sit-ups
1 minute of max Burpees
1 minute of max Sit-ups

I wasn't feeling it today. I didn't have a lot of intensity and when I started adding weight in the press there was shoulder pain. Not fun. I eased off and capped it at 105 lbs. For the burpee/sit-up combo I ended with 73 and 92, respectively. I'm glad I scaled down the time domain on the metcon as it called for 5 minutes, 3 minutes, and 1 minute of each movement. And that worked out since I'm planning on doing Open WOD 4 on Wednesday night and there's 60 bar hop burpees in there. 

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