Training Log: 4/27/11

30 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

Seeing as how I just did a 3x5 press yesterday (didn't update the blog on that one) and am doing Open WOD 6 on Friday, I didn't think it was wise to do this one rx'd. So, I scaled it to 115 and focused on speed and technique. I forgot to record my time but I believe it was around 4:22. I was pleased with that as I was able to keep moving the whole time with very minimal rest. 

After the WOD I decided to attempt a muscle up. We had been doing muscle up progressions prior to the WOD and I made a few attempts during that time but couldn't seem to get it. 

On my first attempt post-Grace I made my first muscle up. Hell-to-the-yeah! I think I was in shock when I came down from the rings and didn't fully grasp what I had just done. Unfortunately no one captured it on video so I had to do another one. Video of this coming soon. 

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