Training Log: 4/30/11

Partner Challenge
400m Sandbag Run
50 Sandbag Jerks
50 Sandbag Cleans
50 Toes to Bag
50 Sandbag Burpees
400m Sandbag Run

Fun with sandbags. That should've been the name of this WOD. The gym just got a bunch of new sandbags and today we got to break them in. Let me just say this, sandbags are unwieldy bastards. Getting them stabilized in movements like the jerk, the clean or running with them is half the challenge. I found running with them to be the most challenging, but I'm not a very strong runner. I partnered with Tim, who hasn't been a member for too long but is still an animal. He definitely has a lot of untapped potential and would've been a contributing member to the team for sectionals had he registered his first Open WOD score, but I digress. 

Together we worked efficiently, sharing the reps. The 65 lb sandbag was easier to work with if we compacted it as much as possible into a ball and performed the movements that way. We finished in 16:29, I think. I forgot to record the time again. 

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