Moving Large Loads Across Long Distances Quickly

In about two weeks Kara's sister will be moving in to our house for the summer. We needed a dresser for the guest room and Kara found one today on Craigslist. As it turned out, the seller lived a few blocks away from us. When the dresser was too big to fit into our car, Kara didn't even hesitate and pipes up with, "We'll carry it home." A year ago, I don't think she would have even suggested that.

This wasn't necessarily a large load. The dresser was pretty light but too awkward for one person to carry. A long distance? It was about three blocks. It's a hot day so let's add that element in.

So, we took out the drawers and put them into our car, picked up the dresser and started walking back to our house. We got a few strange looks from passersby, a few smiles, and the respect of two high school kids that said, "F*ck, they're carrying a dresser?" That's right, young blood. I earn my supper.

The benefit of CrossFit is that you look at everyday tasks as exercise. Or, carrying a dresser for three blocks as not a big deal; a warm up. Moving furniture for time; what more general physical preparedness do you need?

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