Training Log: 6/29/11

Larry's Magical Birthday Surprise
Coed teams of 3-4
This workout consists of four stations. Each station must be completed by the entire team before moving on to the next. Reps can be divided up as the team sees fit, but everyone must participate and do at least one rep. At each station, those not working must hold a plate overhead (45/25).

Station 1
32 Bear crawls with dumbbells (20#).
Only one person works at a time. Two others hold plates overhead.

Station 2
32 Medball thruster tosses through a hula hoop. Two people do the medball toss while the other two hold plates overhead. Switch places as needed.

Station 3
15 rope swings (across and back is 1).
Each team starts with a set number of burpees (350 for a team of 4, 300 for a team of 3). With each successful rope swing, the team can take 10 burpees off of the total. Only one person can swing at a time. Those not on the rope are holding plates overhead. Once 15 rope swings have been completed the team does the remaining number of burpees together.

Station 4
Each team member rows 32 calories. Only one rower per team. Those not rowing hold plates overhead.

Since it was my birthday I asked to program a special workout for the gym. I originally wanted an obstacle course similar to the Eliminator from American Gladiators but sadly we don't have a graded conveyer belt at the gym, so that didn't work out. Then, I came up with a power clean ladder; using the same model of the thruster ladder from Regionals. But that was a logistical issue for the 7 pm class as there is a separate strength class at that time. So, what was settled on was a mix of obstacle course and pain storm. Holding a 45 lb plate overhead at each station was the most difficult part by far. My shoulders were smoked from that. The rest of it was fun.

Probably the best part about this workout was the team names. My team was Larry's Magical Mystery Team (not that exciting). Others included: The Globo Gym Purple Cobras (And they will, they will rock you. Clap, clap SSSssss) F' the Bday Boy, Larry Haters, FML, Sexxxy Snatches, Team Sore Ass, Sweaty Balls and Larry's Schweatty Balls. You're welcome.

Training Log: 6/28/11

Back squat 5x5 (sets across)

Bench press 5x5 (sets across)

I've been having some flexibility issues in my squat coupled with a decrease in strength lately. I figured the best move for me would be to drop the weights down, get my form dialed in, mobility straightened out, and start a new linear progression at 135. Going forward, I'm shooting for three days of squatting per week with one of those days being a front or overhead squat and back squat on the other two days.

New Look and New Store

Inspired by all that I learned this weekend at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference, I decided to give scrawnyWOD a new paint job. If this is your first time here, then it's all new to you anyway. I was going for a cleaner look and I'm happy with how it turned out. I also bought the scrawnyWOD domain, so the site should start redirecting you to in the next few days. Or you can simply update your bookmarks now.

I also added a new tab at the top for a Store I created where you can buy some scrawnyWOD t-shirts. Let me know what you think of the shirts in the comments below. Each shirt is available in a variety of colors at the store.

Dropping In at CrossFit Roots

I spent the weekend in Boulder, CO attending the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference and while I was there I had the opportunity to drop in at CrossFit Roots for a workout.

I woke up on Saturday at 4:30 am mountain time (6:30 eastern time). Whichever time zone you're in, that's still too damn early for a Saturday. The first CrossFit class wasn't until 8 am, so I had some time to kill. I searched on Yelp for the best local breakfast place but none of them opened until 8 or 9 am. My only two options were IHOP (open 24 hours) and the hotel's restaurant, which didn't open until 6:30 am. I decided the better move would be to wait until 6:30 for the hotel's restaurant to open.

Boulder is an interesting town. Technically it's a city but to me it felt like a large town. I had a nice 1.5 mile walk to the box from my hotel which was fine because I still had an hour to kill and the weather was beautiful.

At CrossFit Roots the members were friendly and welcoming and the trainers were awesome and very accommodating. But that's what is so great about this community, no matter where you go in the world if there's a CrossFit box, you know you're with good people. What I did not realize though was that I was about to enter a world of hurt.

Team “Badger”
In teams of two, complete five rounds for time of:
95 pound squat clean, 30 reps
30 pull-ups
Run 800 meter

The reps could be split up anyway you wanted but both team members had to run a total of 400 meters each per round.

I was paired up with a guy named Chris. Our team name was Paleo Cheesesteak. It got a few chuckles. Chris wanted to scale the weight of the squat clean to 75 lbs and once we were into round two, I was glad we did. The altitude completely wrecked me. I did the 400 meter run first for our team and by the time I got back my lungs felt like they were closing up. I've never had an asthma attack but I'm pretty sure what I was experiencing was close to it. I tagged Chris and he took off running his 400. I proceeded hunch over gasping for air and grabbing at my shorts like they're going to keep me up - the classic CrossFit rest pose. One of the women in the class asked me where I was from and I told her, "sea level." 

After that I was just trying not to pass out. The squat cleans were making me dizzy and I was seeing stars. The running was the worst part though. I wasn't wheezing at all but I had zero air in my lungs. Everyone in the class ended up scaling the workout to four rounds. I'm not even sure what our time was at the end but it was over 30 minutes. Training at altitude is no joke, and at 5,430 ft., I can see why Boulder is home to so many top-level endurance athletes. Thanks again to Nicole, Eric and Stefanie Christensen for letting me drop in, and to another CF Roots member named Chris for giving me a ride back to my hotel. 

Kelly Starrett at Google: Deskbound

In this video, Kelly Starrett gives a presentation at Google about the dangers of sitting. Check it out.

Friday Fire: No Heart? No Heart?! I'm All Heart Motherf***er!

Heart. Yeah, they were a killer band in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Ann and Nancy Wilson can really wail. The big hair. The screaming guitars. Those ladies rock. "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" is probably the best song ever written about seducing wayward hitchhikers and banging them in roadside motels in an effort to get pregnant because your husband is incapable of knocking you up. But I'm talking about a different kind of heart: mental fortitude.

Photo credit: Crossfit Anaheim West
It's been a while since I've posted a Friday Fire but I was inspired this week from a post by Greg Everett as well as a video of Heather Scaglione of Anaheim CrossFit West competing in the CrossFit Games SoCal Regional with a dislocated shoulder. In the video (see link on Heather's name) she is competing in the final chipper event after having dislocated her shoulder during the muscle-ups in the Amanda workout. The video is a little tough to watch knowing that she's doing 40 reps of ground-to-overhead with 35lb dumbbells in each hand, a weight that every female competitor I talked to at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals said was heavy. Add in a dislocated shoulder and I can't even imagine the kind of pain she was experiencing at that moment.

It's that drive to compete, to not give up despite a major setback, to finish what you've started, that is inspiring in this video. It's the reason professional athletes get cortisone shots in the locker room when they sustain an injury mid-game: to get back out there and be a part of the action.

Heather could've easily bowed out of the last event and no one would've thought otherwise. That chipper is grueling enough without any injuries. And who knows what kind of added damage she did to her shoulder by putting herself through that workout and the stress of those loads. But you can't help but get a little misty-eyed watching her on the toes-to-bar as she raises her right arm to the bar with her left, secures it and then fights. Every. Damn. Rep.

Guest Post on the CrossFit Games Site: A Year in the Making

Photo credit:
I interviewed Molly Tuman of R.A.W. Training for the CrossFit Games site. I even got a byline. Read all about it here.

In Preparation for the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference

This weekend I will be attending the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, CO. Yes, there is such a thing. I believe I was supposed to have blogged about this a while back and use social media to promote it and all that good stuff. I'm not on Twitter or Facebook, so there have been no tweets or status updates from this guy. The only reason I found out about this conference was because my wife reads a bunch of different blogs and at least one of them had mentioned it. 

I was a little hesitant at first. This is uncharted water for me. I've seen the blogs that my wife reads (and the online social circles that have formed around those blogs) and I'm a bit of an outsider in terms of my approach to exercise and nutrition in comparison to most of these bloggers. The majority of them love their grains and their marathons. 

Men are a rarity it seems in the health and fitness blogosphere. Or, at least those that travel to blogging conferences. There's roughly 80 people attending this conference and about 5 of us are male. Of the bloggers that my wife reads regularly many of them have somehow parlayed their blogs into book deals and have managed to earn enough from their blogging to quit their day jobs. While I may not be their target audience, I still want to know their process. 

I do very little to promote my blog and haven't even looked into any type of search engine optimization techniques. The only conclusion I've gathered is that the majority of my traffic comes from paleo recipe searches and Crossfit Sasquatch, located somewhere in Sweden. I would give you more information if I could read anything on their site. But regardless, thank you CF Sasquatch, ni är alla grymma! Hopefully that translated correctly.

In the very near future I would like to create a secondary website for my health coaching and nutrition-related information and let this blog stay focused on CrossFit and other aspects of training and exercise. I'm using this conference as purely a learning experience. I'm not looking to get into any arguments with anyone, but one of the presentations is called, "Carbs Are the Devil...And Other Nutrition Myths Demystified" so I'm eager to see what kind of (mis)information that will provide. 

I'm keeping an open mind about the whole weekend and looking forward to checking out Boulder. Again, I'm just there to learn. We're encouraged to live blog from the conference, which is not really my thing but maybe I'll find something of interest to write about. Unfortunately, I won't have time to visit any of the CrossFit gyms in Boulder because the conference schedule doesn't match up with any of the class schedules of the affiliates. 

So, I guess the big question is how many CrossFit-related t-shirts should I pack?

Infographic: Sitting is Killing You

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Training Log: 6/21/11

Bench Press 3x5 (sets across)

Snatch-grip Romanian Deadlift 5x5 (sets across)

After five warm up sets on the bench I went with 155 for sets across. It was challenging enough to provide a stimulus but not too difficult that I needed a spotter. Not that I had one. I did this workout in the basement alone.

The snatch-grip RDL was not something I've ever done before, so I was testing the waters with this one. I played around with some squat snatches yesterday after the squat clean workout. Maybe not the best idea as my legs were a little wobbly at the time. I'd like to start incorporating more olympic lifts each week and want to bring up my strength numbers across the board. I thought this would be a good training tool toward that.

Training Log: 6/20/11


With a 20 minute clock, perform as many rounds as possible of:
4 Handstand Pushups
8 Hang Squat Cleans (115/80)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
16 Double Unders

I scaled the hspu to two abmats. I think I'm ready to move down to just one abmat. The hang squat cleans were not my friend. Definitely need to do more front squatting and squatting in general. A glaring weakness I learned over the weekend was my lack of flexibility in the squat. It's going to be a lot of squat therapy for this guy. My arch-nemesis double unders won again, lashing up my right leg and arm. I set out with the goal of five rounds but ended up with 4 rounds + 4 + 3. 

Early Adopter, Late Bloomer

I can't quite remember when exactly I found CrossFit. But to the best of my knowledge it was some time around late 2005. I had first come across the Gym Jones website. I looked at their workouts and videos and thought, These guys take 'Fight Club' way too seriously. Their workouts are nuts. I need to try this. And so I did. And their workouts kicked my ass. Plain and simple. As I began reading Mark Twight's essays (interesting stuff) I found that the methodology of his programming was rooted in something called CrossFit. I like things that are applicable to real life. Functionality, if you will. I was also doing Krav Maga at the time and loved the real life scenarios they'd put us through. Here's what you do if someone comes at you with a gun or a knife. You know, situations you hope to avoid in the real world but that are still fun to learn. So, I decided to check out the source. And there it was, the Thruster. Such a functional movement, especially for me as I was coaching high school volleyball at the time and the carry over was tremendous. After that I was hooked. The rest was history.

The Self-Taught CrossFitter
I taught myself how to play the guitar, I could teach myself the snatch, clean and jerk and kipping pull-up, right? Being a visual learner it was great having all of those demo videos and journal articles to watch over and over and over again. I got really into it. Studied the movements. Practiced on my own. So you would think for someone who was a relatively early adopter to CrossFit, who has told so many people about it (whether they wanted to hear about it or not) over the years and converted quite a few into the flock, that I would've gotten certified in it years ago? Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Over the years, I came and went with CrossFit. Doing the workouts at home or in a traditional gym has its limitations and drawbacks. For one, you look like an asshole. Two, equipment and usable space is a problem. You can't drop weights. You can't even work out too hard in a traditional gym without the staff asking you to stop.

Then there was the issue of the cost. CrossFit gyms are expensive compared to their traditional counterparts. I was locked into a $26/month membership with LA Fitness that I could cancel at any time.  $26 isn't bad at all. Of course, now you can join Planet Fatness, I mean Fitness, for $10. Ridiculous. How do they make money? I was getting some results on my own and thought I could make do without joining a CrossFit gym, and besides, there wasn't one within a reasonable driving distance from where I live, and I'm a creature of convenience. Actually, I need to correct myself. There was an affiliate very close to where I live that I had considered trying out, but when I had seen that gym's trainers out socially at a local event and they seemed rather douchey, I decided not to pursue it. Interestingly enough, that gym is no longer a CrossFit affiliate.

It wasn't until last summer that CrossFit Delaware Valley moved locations to just a short drive from my house. I had no excuse. I had to go check it out. The experience was completely different than working out at home or in a globo gym. The people were so friendly and supportive. I never even said hi to anyone at LA Fitness. But still, the money was an issue. It was expensive to join, but I bit the bullet and signed up. By the fall Kara signed up as well. She was a little skeptical at first, but once she started seeing results (and that didn't take long), she knew it was money well spent. There's no comparison between doing these workouts on your own and doing them in a group environment. On your own you can easily sandbag it or just quit if you want to, with absolutely no repercussions. In the group, you're held accountable. And that has made all the difference.

My Level 1 Trainer Certification Experience
A few months back when my wife kept telling me to "Just f*cking do it" in regards to pursuing things that will make me happy, I signed up on a whim for the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Cert. I guess it's not really a whim when it's something you've wanted to do for years. But regardless, I took Kara's advice and just f*cking did it.

Having watched the cert videos for so many years I knew what I was walking into. But I have to admit, I did get a little star struck at first when I saw Chris Spealler writing some notes on the white board. The seminar staff was great and I picked up a lot of great pointers and cues from the different trainers.

Going into the test I felt pretty confident. I felt like I knew the material really well. I know the movements. I've got a good grasp on nutrition knowledge. I should be fine. I can't remember any of the exact questions, but I remember it went like this. First question, easy. Second question: What the F*ck?!! I must have read the second question three times in a row trying to figure out what exactly they were asking. This scenario would come up a few more times during the 50-question test. Some of the questions were horribly worded with very confusing language and sentence structure. When I handed in my test, I was just hoping that I would pass. I was not feeling good about this.

I waited outside with Laura Pappas and other cert attendees commiserating over some of the questions on the test, waiting for everyone to finish. When they called us back in my heart started racing. All I kept thinking was, I hope I passed, I hope I passed. When I finally received the manila folder with my name on it I had a lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach. Did I pass? I opened the folder to find my name printed on a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer's Certification. They even spelled my name right. Huzzah!

Thanks to Jason and Aimee Lyons of Crossfit King of Prussia as well as the seminar staff for putting on a great cert.

Training Log: 6/15/11

The Newport Crippler
Load a bar with your bodyweight. When the clock starts, do 30 Back Squats and then immediately run a Broomile. Score is your total time for the workout.

Cash out with three sets of strict pull-ups.

We started the workout with a max effort box jump. I got up to 47 inches and made it but failed on 48. It was mostly mental with a little bit of fatigue.

For the workout I knew my squat was weak and that doing my bodyweight 30 times would take me much longer than what is intended. I think a fair trade off is 50% of your 1-rep max in the back squat. I decided to go with 135. It's not close to my bodyweight but a little more than 50% of my 1rm. 

I tried to keep the squats to three sets of 10. The last set was broken into 5s. I was the last one to finish the squats and I didn't check the clock to see where I was at when I left for the run. The hills on the Broomile do not get any easier especially after squatting. I finished in 12:32.

On the cash out I got 7, 7, and 4 on the strict pull-ups. 

Paleo Diet Infographic

Paleolithic Diet Explained
Learn more about the Paleo Diet.

Training Log: 6/14/11

3 supersets of:
5x Bench Press (Progressive load)
10x Bent-over KB Row (12kg)


4 supersets of:
10x Barbell curls (45 lb)
10x Alternating KB shoulder press (12kg)

Rest as needed

Oh yeah, I went old school globo gym on this one. This was a basement workout and I definitely rested as needed. I'm finding myself getting burned out on metcons and am wanting some purely strength-oriented workouts that aren't so taxing on the central nervous system. Plus, some days you just need an easy workout.

I used 145, 155, 165 on the bench progression. The curls were a little awkward at first because when was the last time I've done a barbell curl? CrossFit forbids it. Knock it all you want, but I think it has a place in strength training. The strongest guys in the world do barbell curls. There most be something to be said for it. It's not purely for the glamour muscles.

Training Log: 6/11/11



21-15-9 rep rounds of:
Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Pushups

The deadlifts felt heavy during the warm up. But once I got into the actual workout, it wasn't so bad. I knew the hspu would take me a while because I still have to scale them with 2 abmats and haven't figured out how to kip during the movement. Although I don't know if the kip is all that beneficial. I think it takes much longer to kip a hspu than it does to bang it out strict. I finished the workout in 9:58.

Training Log: 6/10/11

With a ten minute clock (after warmups), find your max Turkish Getup (right and left).

Broomile for time.

I'm pretty comfortable with the TGU and thought I'd test it out with a barbell. It definitely helped to use a barbell with the knurling in the center for grip and stability. I made it up to 75 lbs before calling it a day.

The Broomile is never fun because of those damn hills, but I've never recorded my time when I've run one. I tend to average around a 10-minute mile pace when I run, so I was pleased with 7:49 Broomile time.

Judging the Judges: The AJ Moore KB Swing Debacle

Photo credit: Christopher Nolan (not the director)
The big hullabaloo from the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals was how AJ Moore got robbed of his shot of going to the Games in July due to some questionable judging. Basically, one judge in particular was singled out as his reason for not making it. As far as I know AJ did not appeal anything and tried his hardest to battle his way back to the top of the leaderboard; he handled himself like an adult and a true competitor.

I did not witness his WOD 4 heat first-hand but thanks to the interwebs, there's a video on YouTube. The controversy is that the judge took away 60 reps during AJ's kettlebell swings, which when you hear that it sounds completely ridiculous. How can you take away 60 reps on a kettlebell swing?

Here is how the standard for the kettlebell swing is described on the Games' site:
At the top of the swing, the kettlebell must be fully inverted (bell over the handle), centered over the feet with the hips and knees fully extended and the arms straight. At the bottom, the wrists must touch the thighs and the bell must pass behind the heels. There is no requirement for flexing the knees.
Seem pretty simple enough. If you need further clarification here's a link to the video explanation for Regional WOD 4. Now, let's take a look at AJ's kettlebell swings and see what all the fuss was about.

Granted the camera angle has some obstructions to the view but I have to agree with the judge's call. There are plenty of legit no-rep swings. We can't fully hear the judge in the video and just have to go by her arm movement (looks like an umpire calling safe) indicating a "No Rep" on the swing.

Tonight, I wanted to try this out with the standard in place, so after the WOD I had Kara judge a few reps. First I did a two-handed snatch with a 1.5 pood kb, punching through at the top. All of my reps were fine. Then, I tried a few standard American swings, going through what felt like full range of motion. Only one out of five of them was legit. The problem with the American swing is that it's hard to tell where the bell is over your head and if you try and stop it at the top to keep it vertical it tends to rotate back and you lose the bell, which would be a no rep because you're not maintaining control.

I understand the frustration felt in this situation. You just got done doing a 100 pull-ups. Your grip is probably close to gone, you're tired, sweaty and the kettlebell is probably really hard to hold onto. But here's the point, if you keep getting no rep after no rep called you have to take a second and ask the judge what you're doing wrong and correct it. You don't just keep motoring through wasting energy. You can hear a guy in the video (possibly the person operating the iphone) yelling out to snatch it up and press through the top. This is the only way to do a kettlebell swing based on the judging standard. I'm sure my shoulders would be on fire after 100 pull-ups and most likely my hands would have tears but it's far more efficient to do a snatch and punch through at the top because you're far less likely to get those reps taken away.
AJ Moore during WOD 2 of the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regional
Photo credit:

The other issue was that the judge in question who was no-repping AJ was inconsistent when judging other athletes. I have no idea if that is true or not as I did not see every person she judged. I know that the head judge (Brad Mckee) would walk around and deliberately take reps away for the sake of taking reps away. I don't know if that was in his job description or if he has ridiculously high standards, but that seemed like his sole purpose for the weekend.

It's easy to say this now in retrospect but had AJ stopped, gotten clarification and modified his swing he would've easily been standing atop the podium, possibly in first. Pat Barber had a similar situation in the Australia Regional and after his fifth no-rep call, stopped and asked for clarification from the judge before continuing. The whole thing is really unfortunate and I feel bad for AJ because he dominated the rest of the competition. This was his time to shine and if he is somehow given an honorary bid to the Games (which I highly doubt), then all other Games' competitors need to be put on notice because he'll be coming with guns blazing. But for all of the people bitching about it on Facebook, or wherever, just let it go. What's done is done. It's an unfortunate situation but in this instance the judge was right.

***UPDATE: Michelle Benedict of CrossFit Fort Bragg talks about the Mid-Atlantic Regional, the judging standards and her controversial re-do on the Thruster workout.

Visit for more videos

Training Log: 6/8/11

Photo credit: Tom Cerecedes
Push Press –3 ‘drop sets’of 3 reps/2 drops

4 x 400m runs. Rest half the time it takes you to run.

I've gotten behind lately in posting my training logs. It's not that I haven't been working out, it's just that I haven't been posting it. 

On the push press drop sets I kept it conservative and did the first two sets as 135-115-95. On the last set I switched it to 135-125-115. With each set I was able to string all three reps together without a pause. Next time I need to go heavier.

The 400 repeats were brutal. It was still in the mid-90s at the 6 pm class and that didn't help. My 400s were as follows: 1:33, 1:41, 1:48, 1:51. 

Does Drinking Diet Soda Make You Fat?

Reporting from the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals

This weekend I had the opportunity to be a volunteer writer for the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals site. It was sort of dumb luck that I even found out about the opportunity in the first place. Seeing as how I'm not on Facebook I never saw the status update on Wednesday asking for volunteers to write articles for the Games site. It wasn't until Friday afternoon that Kara saw it and told me about it. I emailed the Media Director for this event (Brian Wilson, co-owner of Potomac CrossFit and Patriot CrossFit) and the next thing I know it's Saturday morning, I'm in the George Mason University Field House in Fairfax, VA with a pen and notepad and a shirt that said MEDIA across the back. That made it official.

I really didn't know what I was getting myself into when I volunteered for this. I just sent an email off and said I'd help out wherever I could. My primary reason for being there was to support the three females from my gym: Meghan Calpin, Colleen O'Connor and Christina Ruggiero, who were there to compete. If I could maybe write an article about my experience or some sort of feature/human interest piece that would be great too.

I was given the assignment of covering the team competition for Saturday and Sunday. I spent about an hour or so on Saturday morning shadowing Chenelle Miller (co-owner of CrossFit Raleigh, who finished 3rd overall in the team comp and will be going to the Games in July). Chenelle was kind of enough to show me the format of the articles to be submitted as well as some general questions to ask when interviewing the athletes. After that, they turned me loose on the general population.

Photo credit: Aimee Lyons
Me interviewing John Warnek and Nikki Sieller of CrossFit King of Prussia
All of the other writers for the media team were using the voice memo app on their iphones to record the interviews, so I thought I'd follow suit. This app comes standard with the iphone but I have never used it before. And of course, the app malfunctioned/crashed/stop recording on nearly every single interview (except two) I did so I ended up going old school and actually writing things down/using my mind grapes to remember a few individual quotes I could use.

By the time the team workouts were over on Saturday and I finally got a chance to say hi to the CFDV ladies, I only had about ten minutes to put together a coherent recap summary from my pages of notes. My first submission was, in my opinion, pure crap given the short amount of time I had to put it together. But someone on the CrossFit HQ media staff found some use for it and included it in the Day 2 summary under the Teams section. Either that, or they had nothing else to put in that section and took what they could get.

It was interesting to peek behind the curtain of the CrossFit media production. The Games site recap articles have no attributed byline on any of them because the articles are a collaborative amalgamation of several submissions from several different people. A few paragraphs from this person about the men's competition, a few paragraphs from that person about the women's competition, a few edits and HUZZAH!, you have a page of usable content.

The media room was an office space in the Field House that also lead into the university's weight room. It was set up with a few desks and chairs and several laptops. We also were allowed to help ourselves to free PaleoKits and water. Gotta love the CrossFit swag. I subsisted on jerky and nuts for most of the weekend and by the time I got home tonight, I needed a real meal.

With the completion of each team workout I had to go back to the media room to type up a summary article. I haven't done anything remotely close to news-style writing in almost a decade. But by the time I finished my second submission on Sunday morning I was feeling much better about the content I was turning in for the Day 3 Midday Report, and my afternoon submission for the Day 3 Recap.

My only regret was that given the way my writing deadlines were structured I missed all of the female events because they immediately followed the team workouts. I was there to support the ladies from my gym and I ended up missing all of their workouts. I have to congratulate them for kicking ass with Colleen finishing in 13th, Meg tied for 15th and Christina tied for 24th.

All in all, it was a great experience to be so close to the action and get a different perspective on the competition and the sport of CrossFit. Despite the controversies surrounding the judging, the weekend ran smoothly and I was glad to be a part of it.

Guest Post on CFDV: Functional Nutrition for the CrossFit Athlete - Part 4: Body Composition

Part 4 of my nutrition series is up at CrossFit Delaware Valley. Lean out. Get huge. Look better naked. Whatever your body composition goal, you can learn more here.

Americans and Food

Katie Couric interviews former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler and "Fast Food Nation" author Eric Schlosser.

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