In Preparation for the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference

This weekend I will be attending the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, CO. Yes, there is such a thing. I believe I was supposed to have blogged about this a while back and use social media to promote it and all that good stuff. I'm not on Twitter or Facebook, so there have been no tweets or status updates from this guy. The only reason I found out about this conference was because my wife reads a bunch of different blogs and at least one of them had mentioned it. 

I was a little hesitant at first. This is uncharted water for me. I've seen the blogs that my wife reads (and the online social circles that have formed around those blogs) and I'm a bit of an outsider in terms of my approach to exercise and nutrition in comparison to most of these bloggers. The majority of them love their grains and their marathons. 

Men are a rarity it seems in the health and fitness blogosphere. Or, at least those that travel to blogging conferences. There's roughly 80 people attending this conference and about 5 of us are male. Of the bloggers that my wife reads regularly many of them have somehow parlayed their blogs into book deals and have managed to earn enough from their blogging to quit their day jobs. While I may not be their target audience, I still want to know their process. 

I do very little to promote my blog and haven't even looked into any type of search engine optimization techniques. The only conclusion I've gathered is that the majority of my traffic comes from paleo recipe searches and Crossfit Sasquatch, located somewhere in Sweden. I would give you more information if I could read anything on their site. But regardless, thank you CF Sasquatch, ni är alla grymma! Hopefully that translated correctly.

In the very near future I would like to create a secondary website for my health coaching and nutrition-related information and let this blog stay focused on CrossFit and other aspects of training and exercise. I'm using this conference as purely a learning experience. I'm not looking to get into any arguments with anyone, but one of the presentations is called, "Carbs Are the Devil...And Other Nutrition Myths Demystified" so I'm eager to see what kind of (mis)information that will provide. 

I'm keeping an open mind about the whole weekend and looking forward to checking out Boulder. Again, I'm just there to learn. We're encouraged to live blog from the conference, which is not really my thing but maybe I'll find something of interest to write about. Unfortunately, I won't have time to visit any of the CrossFit gyms in Boulder because the conference schedule doesn't match up with any of the class schedules of the affiliates. 

So, I guess the big question is how many CrossFit-related t-shirts should I pack?

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  1. I sure hope they talk about the various food supplements that they personally use. I am really looking forward to that. supplements canada.


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