Training Log: 6/14/11

3 supersets of:
5x Bench Press (Progressive load)
10x Bent-over KB Row (12kg)


4 supersets of:
10x Barbell curls (45 lb)
10x Alternating KB shoulder press (12kg)

Rest as needed

Oh yeah, I went old school globo gym on this one. This was a basement workout and I definitely rested as needed. I'm finding myself getting burned out on metcons and am wanting some purely strength-oriented workouts that aren't so taxing on the central nervous system. Plus, some days you just need an easy workout.

I used 145, 155, 165 on the bench progression. The curls were a little awkward at first because when was the last time I've done a barbell curl? CrossFit forbids it. Knock it all you want, but I think it has a place in strength training. The strongest guys in the world do barbell curls. There most be something to be said for it. It's not purely for the glamour muscles.

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