Training Log: 6/15/11

The Newport Crippler
Load a bar with your bodyweight. When the clock starts, do 30 Back Squats and then immediately run a Broomile. Score is your total time for the workout.

Cash out with three sets of strict pull-ups.

We started the workout with a max effort box jump. I got up to 47 inches and made it but failed on 48. It was mostly mental with a little bit of fatigue.

For the workout I knew my squat was weak and that doing my bodyweight 30 times would take me much longer than what is intended. I think a fair trade off is 50% of your 1-rep max in the back squat. I decided to go with 135. It's not close to my bodyweight but a little more than 50% of my 1rm. 

I tried to keep the squats to three sets of 10. The last set was broken into 5s. I was the last one to finish the squats and I didn't check the clock to see where I was at when I left for the run. The hills on the Broomile do not get any easier especially after squatting. I finished in 12:32.

On the cash out I got 7, 7, and 4 on the strict pull-ups. 

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