Training Log: 6/29/11

Larry's Magical Birthday Surprise
Coed teams of 3-4
This workout consists of four stations. Each station must be completed by the entire team before moving on to the next. Reps can be divided up as the team sees fit, but everyone must participate and do at least one rep. At each station, those not working must hold a plate overhead (45/25).

Station 1
32 Bear crawls with dumbbells (20#).
Only one person works at a time. Two others hold plates overhead.

Station 2
32 Medball thruster tosses through a hula hoop. Two people do the medball toss while the other two hold plates overhead. Switch places as needed.

Station 3
15 rope swings (across and back is 1).
Each team starts with a set number of burpees (350 for a team of 4, 300 for a team of 3). With each successful rope swing, the team can take 10 burpees off of the total. Only one person can swing at a time. Those not on the rope are holding plates overhead. Once 15 rope swings have been completed the team does the remaining number of burpees together.

Station 4
Each team member rows 32 calories. Only one rower per team. Those not rowing hold plates overhead.

Since it was my birthday I asked to program a special workout for the gym. I originally wanted an obstacle course similar to the Eliminator from American Gladiators but sadly we don't have a graded conveyer belt at the gym, so that didn't work out. Then, I came up with a power clean ladder; using the same model of the thruster ladder from Regionals. But that was a logistical issue for the 7 pm class as there is a separate strength class at that time. So, what was settled on was a mix of obstacle course and pain storm. Holding a 45 lb plate overhead at each station was the most difficult part by far. My shoulders were smoked from that. The rest of it was fun.

Probably the best part about this workout was the team names. My team was Larry's Magical Mystery Team (not that exciting). Others included: The Globo Gym Purple Cobras (And they will, they will rock you. Clap, clap SSSssss) F' the Bday Boy, Larry Haters, FML, Sexxxy Snatches, Team Sore Ass, Sweaty Balls and Larry's Schweatty Balls. You're welcome.

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