Training Log: 6/8/11

Photo credit: Tom Cerecedes
Push Press –3 ‘drop sets’of 3 reps/2 drops

4 x 400m runs. Rest half the time it takes you to run.

I've gotten behind lately in posting my training logs. It's not that I haven't been working out, it's just that I haven't been posting it. 

On the push press drop sets I kept it conservative and did the first two sets as 135-115-95. On the last set I switched it to 135-125-115. With each set I was able to string all three reps together without a pause. Next time I need to go heavier.

The 400 repeats were brutal. It was still in the mid-90s at the 6 pm class and that didn't help. My 400s were as follows: 1:33, 1:41, 1:48, 1:51. 

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