Is the Paleo Diet Too Self-Righteous?

You gonna eat that? It's a bit of an odd question, and not even proper English. The person asking could have one of two agendas: 1.) Are you going to eat that? Because if not, I want it. Or, 2.) Are you seriously considering putting that into your body? I find myself asking both versions of the question on a regular basis. The first version is asked with the attention of me eating more (I'm just a growing boy). The second version comes with judgment and self-righteousness on the back end. I don't like it but eating clean has turned Kara and me dirty. We've become Judgy Judgmental Judgers.

I don't think we're alone in this rationale. I think this is common in the Paleo community. You clean up your diet, you see great results, you feel a hell of a lot better and maybe you even tell a few people about the way you eat and try and get them to give it a shot. Paleo, like CrossFit, is already viewed as a cult by those on the outside who don't get it, which probably fuels the Paleo folks to feel even more entitled to judge (either internally or externally) those around them for making what they perceive as horrible food choices.

When we go food shopping we regularly see parents pushing their cart through the store with their kids in tow, loading up on chips, cookies, cereal (lots and lots of cereal) and other crap. I tend to keep a poker face while grocery shopping as well as my comments to myself but I can't help but ask myself are they merely uninformed consumers or do they just not care? Could be a combination of the two. Kara, on the other hand, takes the passive-aggressive Midwestern approach and mutters things under her breath just loud enough for me to hear. Although, one of these times I fear she may morph into liquid metal and disembowel some unwitting shopper.

So, what do you think? Is Paleo too self-righteous? Do people who follow the Paleo lifestyle come off as pompous, entitled, or judgmental? If you follow Paleo do you find yourself judging those who make poor food choices?

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