Training Log: 7/15/11

Back Squat 5x3 (progressive)
Power Clean 7x1 (progressive)

4x 60-yard prowler push

The back squat went as follows: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195. After a long warm up all the sets felt good. Even 195 didn't feel too bad. A few weeks ago, every time I squatted 185 it felt god-awful heavy. I'm glad to see I'm getting some strength back.

On the power clean I got up to 185. Failed twice at 195. Dropped the weight down to 190. Failed again and decided to stop there.

The prowler push ended up being harder than everything else combined. The pavement is not evenly finished and there's a section of about 50 feet where the prowler just hits a wall and the friction made the 180 lbs feel like well over 300. Each trip on the prowler felt like the equivalent of a 20-rep max back squat. I was hitting muscle failure and my legs felt like jelly.

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