Training Log: 7/20/11

Skeleton + Elliptical = Funny on so many levels.
In 15 minutes, find your max Thruster

Run 800m
30 Turkish Getups (53/35) OR 10 Rope Climbs
Run 800m

I  tried to stick to the movement standards from this year's CrossFit Regionals thruster ladder. I squat cleaned all of my attempts and got up to 165. I really liked this portion of the workout and would love to try it in true Regionals-style as a ladder of bars. I've never done a 1 RM on the thruster so I wasn't sure to shoot for, but now I've got a benchmark to surpass in the future.

The metcon was brutal. High humidity, 90+ degree weather, and running are not my friends. My calves and stomach cramped up on the run, my grip failed by the 7th rope climb and I finished in 18:17. 

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