Training Log: 7/2/11

Overhead Squat 3x5
Power Clean 5x1
Deadlift 5x1

I wanted to break in my new Rogue weightlifting shoes today so I opted for a strength-only session.

On the OHS I got 95, 115 (for 3), then 115 for five. On the power clean I progressed up to 185, at which point my form felt sloppy so I stayed there, proceeded to fail on the next three in a row and decided to stop. I got up to 365 on the deadlift and thought I'd go go for 405 (a 5# PR) but the bar didn't even move. 365 felt really heavy and a 40 lb jump probably wasn't the best idea. I called it a day after that.


  1. Damn. Nice workout! I'd take those lifts any day. Mine are slightly lower weight...

    Love the overall workout you did! Definitely some serious lifting there. Power cleans always get me.

  2. Thanks, Lori. My strength has taken a dip lately, so there will probably be a lot more like this in the future.


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