Dropping In at CrossFit Fort Wayne

This past Friday Kara and I visited CrossFit Fort Wayne for a noon-time workout while we were in Ohio visiting Kara's family. The noon class was small which was nice. After a warm up of a 400 meter run, followed by three rounds of agility drills, and three rounds of bear crawls and crab walks we were sweating: heavily. The heat and humidity need to take a break.

After the warm up we went into some skill work on the rings doing the equivalent of toes to bar but on a dynamic plane. Having only been open a year, all of CrossFit Fort Wayne's equipment is pretty much brand new from Rogue. The skill work was nice because I haven't done much of it in a while as we've strayed away from that at our gym. 

I held back a little on the skill work because I wanted to save my grip for the WOD.

5 rounds of: 
5 deadlifts (275/185)
1 rope climb (20 ft)

I'm glad they posted this workout on their website ahead of time. This gave us advanced notice to stop off and buy some long soccer socks before we got there. Rope climbs can be like the Cobra Kai on your legs: No Mercy.

On the deadlift, 275 was doable but while warming up with a few reps I was seeing stars and feeling a little dizzy after I stood up, so I decided to scale it to 225. The heat, humidity and buckets of sweat coming off of me were not helping either.

The rope climbs at CrossFit Delaware Valley are to 15 feet. That extra 5 feet at CrossFit Fort Wayne made a huge difference. By the end of the fourth rope climb I thought I was going to fall. My grip was gone and I was not feeling good about the rope climb. The weight on the deadlifts was not a problem, but the movement did wind me. I ended up subbing 10 ring rows for the last rope climb because I was not certain I would not fall from 20 feet. I need to work on my rope climbs and find a new foot lock. I generally use the S-wrap (or Spanish Wrap) but I find it hard to come back down the rope using that technique. I finished this workout in 7:44. Thank you to owners Andrew and Sophia Walsh for letting us drop in. 

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