Training Log: 8/29/11

Press 5, 5, 5+
Squat  5, 5, 5+
Weighted chins 2x6-8
Push-ups x50 (sub max, fewest sets)

In the press I got 8 reps at 100 lbs on my last set, and 10 reps at 195 on my last set of squats. I used 10 lbs on the weighted chins and got 7 reps in both sets. The push-ups took me three sets: 15, 15, 20.

It seems the shoulder pain I used to have in my right shoulder is gone but has migrated over to the left. The press bothered my left shoulder during the first two sets. The squat felt uncomfortable during the first set, a little better during the second, and pretty good on the third.

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