Training Log: 8/3/11

Deadlift 5, 5, 5+
@ 65%, 75% and 85% of 90% of your one-rep max.

‘Crazy Eights’
4 rounds of:
8 Push Jerks (155/110)
8 Burpees

Today was my first day on a 5/3/1 strength protocol that we're doing this month at CrossFit Delaware Valley. I'm not a big fan of high volume deadlifts with heavy weight but I had no idea how many reps I was going to pull on the third set and thought that 10 reps would be something to shoot for. My first two sets were at 235 and 270 and were pretty easy. My third set was at 305 for max reps and I ended up pulling 17. When I finally set the bar down I felt like I had just completed a metcon. My legs were shaky and I was out of breath. 

Blowing my load on the strength portion I had very little left for the metcon and my legs were still feeling shaky. I used 135 for the first round but then had to drop that down to 115 because I was just not feeling it and every time I lowered the bar from the jerk it banged off my collar bone. I need some more mass on my collar bone. My lower back was killing me during the metcon and I had to stop several times to catch my breath but also to give my back a rest. I finished in 10:49.

For recovery I did 3x10 on the reverse hyper with 50 lbs, foam rolled, stretched and then iced my back when I got home. Hopefully I'm mobile tomorrow. 

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