Training Log: 9/11/11

9/11 Throwdown WOD
2001 meter row

then 11 reps of each of the 9 movements...

Box Jump (36/24)
Thruster (125/85 thruster) - Deaths at the Pentagon
Burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups
Power Clean (175/120) - AA Flight #175 (South tower)
Handstand push-ups
KB Swings (2 pood/1.5 pood)
Toes to bar
Deadlift (170/120) - Flight 77 and flight 93
Push Jerk (110/75) - Number of floors in each tower

2001 meter row

Several of us did this workout during open gym this morning under the suggestion of Helen White. It was a tough workout which wouldn't have been too bad if it weren't bookended with 2k rows. The only thing I had to scale was the HSPU, where I'm still stuck in 2 abmat land. I thought the thruster and push jerk were going to give me some trouble, but I was able to do them in threes or fours and work through them pretty quickly. What I spent the most time on was the 175 lb power clean. 175 lbs usually isn't too much trouble but I've never done it for more than a single and especially not in a workout where I was already pretty fatigued. I failed on three of the reps, which really slowed me down. I probably spent 5 minutes just on the power clean. I finished in 38:45.

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