Training Log: 9/12/11


With 21 minutes on the clock, perform the following every 3 minutes:

3 Push Presses
6 Strict Pull-ups
9 Burpees

First off, let's take a moment to reflect on the bad asssery of this trophy. This is a showcase piece that needs to be displayed on a mantle and properly lit to  emphasize its manliness. It's an executioner holding a barbell with plates like a club. You don't get much more manly than that. Maybe if the executioner had a beard poking through the bottom of the mask, then it would be even more manly. 

CFDV trainer Zach Frankhouser brought this bad boy home from a powerlifting meet he competed in this past weekend in Lancaster, PA. Zach kicked some serious ass and it shows. Now onto my workout.

This was an interesting workout. It's meant to go a little heavy on the push press and challenge yourself there. But then there's those strict pull-ups that can sneak up on you if you burn out too quickly on them. I wasn't sure what weight to use in this workout as I just did some overhead stuff yesterday with 125 and 115 as the weights and my shoulders were feeling a little tender. I decided to start at 95 and increase by 10 lbs each round until I found a challenging weight. I got up 10 145 and held it there. The pull-ups weren't too bad. I got all 6 for the first couple rounds and then had to break them up into threes after that. Having done a decent amount of strict pull-ups over the last month helped me in this regard. I've taken a break from my strength-only programming the last week or so, and need to get back into it. Being stronger greatly helps in the workouts. My conditioning hasn't suffered too much so I feel I can be a little more cavalier with my strength-bias. 

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