2011 Holiday Gifts for Mobility Mavens

Looking for some gift ideas for the CrossFitter, Powerlifter, Strongman, or Endurance fanatic in your life? Here are a few relatively inexpensive gifts that will have a huge impact on recovery and mobility.

Ice/Heat Therapy
I've had the same set of these bad boys since 1995. The gel packs have come and gone but the wraps have held up. These are great for icing your knees, shoulders, and back. For more acute pain or injuries the Cryocup Ice Massage is a better fit.

Rogue Mobility Pack
I'm a big fan of mobility work and recovery. If you were going to purchase one of the Mobility Packs Any of those Mobility Packs would be a good choice. Mobility Pack 2 will have a heavier band than 1, or you could get #3 which has both bands, but don't add in the rumble roller. Instead, get the next item.

Trigger Point 'The Grid' Foam Roller
What's nice about The Grid is that it's a PVC pipe core but with three different densities of padding on the exterior. PVC is nice for rolling, but it's a little difficult to use for rolling your back. Plus, this roller is small enough to travel with.

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