My Top 5 Favorite Posts of 2011

Here is a collection of my favorite posts of the past year in chronological order. We're gonna go VH1 Storytellers on this one and get some of the back story on the best of 2011.

This was my Swan Song. My walk-off homer. I should've quit while I was ahead. 10 Tips For Success was probably my strongest writing (and most widely read) of the year and it was the first thing I wrote for CrossFit Delaware Valley. Rob Miller (the owner of CFDV) had approached me about writing a series of articles for beginners, several of which I still need to write, and this was the first in that series. On the morning that it posted the initial feedback was positive and I asked Rob if he could pass it along to the CrossFit affiliate page, in the hopes that maybe they would repost it later in the week. They did one better and shared it on the CrossFit HQ Facebook page. Within hours it exploded. There was something like 70,000+ page views by 6 pm that evening. I had made a dent in the CrossFit community, although no one really knows who I am. Twelve months later and it's still getting reposted and shared on other CrossFit affiliate websites all over the world. I'm kind of a big deal in Canada and Scandinavia.

Is paleofication even a word? It is now. I can conjugate anything. From a nutrition standpoint I think this one really hit home with a lot of people new to paleo or struggling with the transition.

3.) Early Adopter, Late Bloomer
Every superhero has an origin story. Here's mine.

After covering the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Regionals for the CrossFit Games site, I was asked to do a follow-up article leading up to the CrossFit Games about one of the three teams that were going on to California. Since I had spent most of the weekend talking with the athletes of R.A.W. Training I already had an idea for a story and all I really needed was a few follow up questions. There were two interesting notes to come out of this article and are the reason I chose it for this list. The first is R.A.W.'s 35 Skills list. For anyone who read this article I think there was a ripple effect in how individuals and teams approached their training. The second was Molly Tuman's quote, "There is no off season." This response I think really impacted the CrossFit community. Ever since this article posted I've seen lots of tweets with hashtags saying something to the effect of #nooffseason or #2012startstoday. Where the idea of "no off season" had a positive or negative effect is up for debate, either way it made its mark.

5.) Why You Need to Get Stronger
Why? Because I said so. But seriously, I felt this needed to be said yet again. It'll help you in CrossFit as well as life. 

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  1. Good to see some posts toward the end of the year, hope to read more in 2012! Happy New Year!


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