Paleo + (Insert Dealbreaker of Choice)

I get asked the same questions a lot. "Is (insert craving of choice) Paleo?" Or, is (blank) okay to eat? The short answer is usually no. But, the slightly longer answer is a little more diplomatic and leads to a greater rate of success in the long term.

Everyone has their food and beverage dealbreakers. We'll define a dealbreaker as any particular item(s) that if I said you could never have again you would tell me to go pound sand (or something else a little more colorful). 

The most common dealbreakers are beer and peanut butter, and with very good reason because there really isn't a good substitute for either item. I have yet to find a gluten-free beer that is not disgusting, or that remotely tastes like the style of beer it is trying to imitate. (Note to any brewers out there, sorghum is not the answer. Find a different grain, perhaps buckwheat, or remove the gluten from barley).

And let's not kid ourselves, almond butter is bullshit. Oh my gosh, this almond butter is so good. I can eat jars of it. Calm down. Stop trying to convince yourself that it is good, because it's not. Sunbutter sort of tastes like peanut butter, but by that point you might as well have the real thing.

For some people if you're going to make a dietary lifestyle like Paleo sustainable for the long haul, you're going to need a little wiggle room. It doesn't matter whether something is Paleo or not. What matters is if that item is good for you as an individual. If you repeatedly have a bad reaction to a particular food or drink every time you have it, you may want to avoid it. 

My approach to Paleo is to use it as a general framework to find out what works best for you. As far as physical health goes, beer and peanut butter are not going to get high marks. But as for your mental well being, if that's what you need to keep everything else in check, and you're still obtaining your goals, so be it. Just don't over do it. 

The 23:1 Rule

Author William S. Burroughs is said to be the first person to believe in the 23 enigma, which refers to the belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23. There was a Jim Carrey movie called "The Number 23" based on this theory. I didn't see it. I don't think a lot of people did.

When it comes to The Fitness, the number 23 has some significance. Even Jack Bauer only gets 24 hours in a day. If you spend one hour on exercise, that leaves 23 other hours to F up any progress you made in the gym with poor quality and/or not enough sleep, eating junk, eating too much, not eating enough, chronic stress, not foam rolling, not stretching, excessive alcohol or worse.

Be smart. You can't out-train a crappy diet and lifestyle.
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