7 Things to Talk About With Other CrossFitters Besides CrossFit

It doesn't matter where you are: a happy hour, wedding, or funeral, CrossFitters will find each other and inevitably talk ad nauseam about CrossFit. It's kind of like when you go out with your coworkers and you end up talking about work. You don't really have much else to talk about so you revert back to what you all have in common.

To make you appear as a more well-rounded and functional member of society, here are some topics of discussion to get you started.

Sports (other than CrossFit)
You remember sports, right? Those activities you used to do before the Fitness consumed your life. Yay sports! Greg Glassman's mission statement for CrossFit - World-Class Fitness in 100 Words - ends with a commonly overlooked, but critical, piece of advice: Regularly learn and play new sports.

Get out there. Learn a new sport. Tell your friends.

Mythical Creatures
Unicorns, Trolls, Centaurs, etc. Discuss the magic and wonderment. Try not to go off on a tangent and debate how much Bigfoot could deadlift. I'll save you some time, it's a shit ton.

Books, Music, Movies, Art and Culture
Pick one of these, or all of them. Have you read anything good lately? Your local CrossFit gym's blog doesn't count. Your own blog doesn't count either.

Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises? Holy crap it was awesome! Did you see it in IMAX? No? F'ing go back to the theater and watch again. Then come talk to me.

F*ck, Chuck, or Marry (also played as F*ck, Kill, or Marry - if you have psychotic tendencies) 
Pick any three people, it doesn't matter who, and decide which one you would do naughty things to, which one you would get rid of, and which one you would marry. This game has endless possibilities. Real and fictional, everyone and anyone is fair game. You can even group it into categories such as 80s sitcom stars, cartoon characters, or fine I'll give you this one, CrossFit celebrities.

Current Events
It's a big world out there and there's a lot of crazy and interesting things happening. 3, 2, 1...Discuss!

The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse
Come on, you know this is the real reason you do CrossFit. What's more functional than surviving a Zombie Apocalypse? Wait, this isn't the reason you do CrossFit? New training goal.

Some Crazy Ass Shit You Saw on the Internet, or Even Better, in Real Life
Hopefully you have a life outside of the gym, have been places, seen things, and have experiences of your own that you can share, and more importantly, that are interesting enough for others to hear about. If all else fails, just end your story with, "...and then I shit my pants." Guaranteed winner every time.
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